LiteSpeed web server 4.2 released

Discussion in 'News' started by Lauren, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Lauren

    Lauren LiteSpeed Staff

    Hi, All LiteSpeed users,

    We are glad to announce our major feature enhancement release 4.2, with continuing effort and focus on performance and security.

    This version has been tested and running well on a few production servers, the 4.1.13 stable release is available for download.

    • Added support for PHP suEXEC daemon mode to improve performance and memory efficiency (LSAPI 6.0 required).
    • Improved compatibility of Apache mod_security by adding support for variable collections.
    • Improved symbolic link security for shared hosting by introducing LiteSpeed specific directives "DisableSymlinkOverride" and "VhostRestrained".

    Detailed usage on the new features will be published soon.

    Release Log:

  2. Lauren

    Lauren LiteSpeed Staff

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