Out-dated Customer List on Homepage

Discussion in 'Use Cases' started by UWH-David, Jun 15, 2010.

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    What about new customers?

    So what about new customers? When new list will be release? :)
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    how to know they change it (if the X-Herders hidden) ?

    out of my personal experience .. nginx is the worst (exept you have unlimited CPU Power) :p

    Lsws does the same on our Frontend where nginx needed double the reccources and random crashes.

    lsws now serves about 400pages/sec in average flawless on a dual CPU machine with 4GB memory,
    not even using the laws cache.
    nginx was on fire at 260/sec at most using double the memory on a faster machine.

    so the ones "moved back" seems to have some secret we do not really know about ;)
    well i don't care anyway. laws does the job much slicker then apache ...
    apache may be more extendable providing more ways on getting things included
    and more modules available -> more features

    .. but well in the end .. i need the code to be delivered QUICK and stable ... and this is what lsws does best.
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