IntroductionWhat is LiteSpeed Web Server
Minimum system requirementsMinimum system requirements for LSWS
Installation overviewHow to install LiteSpeed Web Server
Installation/Uninstallation from command lineHow to install/uninstall LiteSpeed from command line
RPM InstallHow to install LSWS from our CentOS repositories
cPanel Auto-InstallerUse our auto-installation script to easily install LSWS on cPanel setups
cPanel TroubleshootingTroubleshoot issues in LSWS/cPanel installations
cPanel Apache Migration FAQAnswers To cPanel Migration Questions
LSWS + DirectAdmin + Custom Build 2.0How to install LSWS using DirectAdmin's CustomBuild 2.0 (recommended)
LiteSpeed + DirectAdminHow to use LiteSpeed together with DirectAdmin (outdated/scheduled for edit)
LSWS + Plesk ExtensionHow to install LSWS with our Plesk Extension (recommended)
LSWS + Plesk Command LineHow to install LSWS with Plesk from the command line
LiteSpeed + Other Control PanelsHow to use LiteSpeed together with other control panels
Standalone Apache MigrationHow to convert your Apache installation without a control panel to LSWS
Mac OS X Install GuideHow to setup LiteSpeed and compile PHP on your Mac
Installation of Standard EditionHow to install LiteSpeed Standard Edition


LiteSpeed AdministrationLiteSpeed web server can be controlled in three ways
WebAdmin Console - Service ManagerA control room for monitoring the server and controlling certain top-level functions.
The lsup CommandHow to update your LSWS version from the command line
Upgrade NotificationHow to fix wrong upgrade notification

Commands Reference

Command ReferenceQuick Reference for All Commands

Video Tutorials

cPanel SetupVideo tutorial of step-by-step replacement of Apache on WHM (by SolidShellSecurity)
Full cPanel SetupFull walkthrough of cPanel setup, including Apache and PHP setup, then switching to LSWS (by DFG Design)
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