LiteMage Cache Download

The LiteMage Module for LiteSpeed Web Server is available in our store as a purchasable add-on to new and existing LiteSpeed Licenses. The LiteMage Cache extension for Magento will remain free to download from Magento Connect.

If you do not currently have LSWS Enterprise 5.0+ installed but would still like to take advantage of the blazing-fast LiteMage Cache for your Magento store, follow all steps below.

If you already have LSWS Enterprise 5.0+ installed, skip to step 2.

Step 1: Get LiteSpeed Enterprise 5.0

Step 2: Get A LiteSpeed Enterprise License With The LiteMage Module Enabled

  • Get a Free 15-day Trial: Request a trial license .
  • LiteMage Cache will be enabled by default
  • Ready to Order: Visit our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Step 3: Download the LiteMage Extension For Magento

Download LiteMage from our Magento Connect page using the Magento Connect Manager. This provides an easy and smooth installation with updates being managed by the Magento Connect Manager.

Please visit our release log for a list of changes in this version.

Step4: LiteMage Installation and Configuration

Install and configure LiteMage using the “LiteMage Cache Installation” and “LiteMage Cache Configuration” guides on our LiteMage Cache Wiki.

If you need any additional support or help installing and configuring LiteMage for your Magento store, have a look at our LiteMage Support page.