Anti-DDoS Proxy Service

LiteSpeed's anti-DDoS proxy service allows users to redirect their traffic to LiteSpeed's specialized servers for intelligent web traffic filtering when they are under attack. LiteSpeed's proxy service can defend against many of the common HTTP attacks that websites face, allowing you to go without other high-cost DDoS protection plans. For a limited time, this service is FREE to the public.

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Simple to Use

When you sign up, LiteSpeed will give you an assigned subdomain. Just point your web site’s DNS record to your assigned subdomain, LiteSpeed's proxy server will detect and block hostile IPs and only pass legitimate requests to your backend server. Don’t worry about bandwidth spikes or extra charges: your backend server won't even know it is being attacked. You can activate or deactivate the service at any time.


Go to our anti-DDoS store to set up an account and make your order. Each order can only serve one domain, but an account can have an unlimited number of orders. When you complete your order, continue on to "My Services" to configure your site details. After you have set up all the required fields, you can point your DNS record to the assigned proxy subdomain when you come under attack.

If you have any questions, please post on our forum.

(Currently, only HTTP on port 80 is supported. HTTPS is not supported.)