LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress
Release Log

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress (LSCWP) is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes.

LSCWP 1.5 (10-17-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Exclude JQuery (to fix inline JS error when using JS Combine).
  • NEW FEATURE Load JQuery Remotely.
  • NEW FEATURE JS Deferred Excludes.
  • NEW FEATURE Lazy Load Images Excludes.
  • NEW FEATURE Lazy Load Image Placeholder.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved Lazy Load size attribute for w3c validator.
  • UPDATE Added basic caching info and LSCWP version to HTML comment.
  • UPDATE Added debug log to HTML detection.
  • BUGFIX Fixed potential font CORS issue when using CDN.
  • GUI Added API docs to setting description.
  • REFACTOR Relocated all classes under includes with backwards compatibility.
  • REFACTOR Relocated admin templates.

LSCWP 1.4 (10-11-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Lazy load images/iframes.
  • NEW FEATURE Clean CSS/JS optimizer data functionality in DB Optimizer panel.
  • NEW FEATURE Exclude certain URIs from optimizer.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved optimizer HTML check compatibility to avoid conflicts with ESI functions.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added support for using ^ when matching the start of a path in matching settings.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added wildcard support in CDN original URL.
  • IMPROVEMENT Moved optimizer table initialization to admin setting panel with failure warning.
  • UPDATE Added a one-time welcome banner.
  • UPDATE Partly relocated class: ‘api’.
  • API Added API wrapper for removing wrapped HTML output.
  • INTEGRATION Fixed WooCommerce conflict with optimizer.
  • INTEGRATION Private cache support for WooCommerce v3.2.0+.
  • GUI Added No Optimization menu to frontend.

LSCWP (10-06-2017) Bug Fixes

  • BUGFIX Improved optimizer table creating process in certain database charset to avoid css/js minify/combination failure.

LSCWP 1.3.1 (10-05-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Remove WP Emoji Option.
  • IMPROVEMENT Separated optimizer data from wp_options to improve compatibility with backup plugins.
  • IMPROVEMENT Enhanced crawler cron hook to prevent de-scheduling in some cases.
  • IMPROVEMENT Enhanced Remove Query Strings to also remove Emoji query strings.
  • IMPROVEMENT Enhanced HTML detection when extra spaces are present at the beginning.
  • UPDATE Added private cache support for OLS.
  • BUGFIX Self-redirects are no longer cached.
  • BUGFIX Fixed css async lib warning when loading in HTTP/2 push.

LSCWP 1.3 (10-01-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added Browser Cache support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Remove Query Strings support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Remove Google Fonts support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Load CSS Asynchronously support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Load JS Deferred support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Critical CSS Rules support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Private Cached URIs support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Do Not Cache Query Strings support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added frontend adminbar shortcuts ( Purge this page/Do Not Cache/Private cache ).
  • IMPROVEMENT Do Not Cache URIs now supports full URLs.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved performance of Do Not Cache settings.
  • IMPROVEMENT Encrypted vary cookie.
  • IMPROVEMENT Enhanced HTML optimizer.
  • IMPROVEMENT Limited combined file size to avoid heavy memory usage.
  • IMPROVEMENT CDN supports custom upload folder for media files.
  • API Added purge single post API.
  • API Added version compare API.
  • API Enhanced ESI API for third party plugins.
  • INTEGRATION Compatibility with NextGEN Gallery v2.2.14.
  • INTEGRATION Compatibility with Caldera Forms v1.5.6.2+.
  • BUGFIX Fixed CDN&Minify compatibility with css url links.
  • BUGFIX Fixed .htaccess being regenerated despite there being no changes.
  • BUGFIX Fixed CDN path bug for subfolder WP instance.
  • BUGFIX Fixed crawler path bug for subfolder WP instance with different site url and home url.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a potential Optimizer generating redundant duplicated JS in HTML bug.
  • GUI Added a more easily accessed submit button in admin settings.
  • GUI Admin settings page cosmetic changes.
  • GUI Reorganized GUI css/img folder structure.
  • REFACTOR Refactored configuration init.
  • REFACTOR Refactored admin setting save.
  • REFACTOR Refactored .htaccess operator and rewrite rule generation.

LSCWP (9-20-2017) Bug Fixes

  • UPDATE Improved PHP5.3 compatibility.

LSCWP 1.2.3 (9-20-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added CDN support.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved compatibility when upgrading by fixing a possible fatal error.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added support for custom wp-content paths.
  • BUGFIX Fixed non-primary network blogs not being able to minify.
  • BUGFIX Fixed HTML Minify preventing Facebook from being able to parse og tags.
  • BUGFIX Preview page is no longer cacheable.
  • BUGFIX Corrected log and crawler timezone to match set WP timezone.
  • GUI Revamp of plugin GUI.

LSCWP 1.2.2 (9-15-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added CSS/JS minification.
  • NEW FEATURE Added CSS/JS combining.
  • NEW FEATURE Added CSS/JS HTTP/2 server push.
  • NEW FEATURE Added HTML minification.
  • NEW FEATURE Added CSS/JS cache purge button in management.
  • UPDATE Improved debug log formatting.
  • UPDATE Fixed some description typos.

LSCWP 1.2.1 (9-7-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added Database Optimizer.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Tab switch shortcut.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added cache disabled check for management pages.
  • IMPROVEMENT Renamed .htaccess backup for security.
  • BUGFIX Fixed woocommerce default ESI setting bug.
  • GUI Management Purge GUI updated.
  • REFACTOR Show ESI page for OLS with notice.

LSCWP 1.2.0 (9-1-2017) Major Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added ESI support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added a private cache TTL setting.
  • NEW FEATURE Debug level can now be set to either ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’.
  • REFACTOR Renamed const ‘NOTSET’ to ‘ON2’ in class config.

LSCWP 1.1.6 (8-23-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added option to privately cache logged-in users.
  • NEW FEATURE Added option to privately cache commenters.
  • NEW FEATURE Added option to cache requests made through WordPress REST API.
  • BUGFIX Fixed network 3rd-party full-page cache detection bug.
  • GUI New Cache and Purge menus in Settings.

LSCWP (8-16-2017) Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • IMPROVEMENT Improved compatibility of frontend&backend .htaccess path detection when site url is different than installation path.
  • UPDATE Removed unused format string from header tags.
  • BUGFIX 'showheader' Admin Query String now works.
  • REFACTOR Cache tags will no longer output if not needed.

LSCWP 1.1.5 (8-10-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Scheduled Purge URLs feature.
  • NEW FEATURE Added buffer callback to improve compatibility with some plugins that force buffer cleaning.
  • NEW FEATURE Hide purge_all admin bar quick link if cache is disabled.
  • NEW FEATURE Required htaccess rules are now displayed when .htaccess is not writable.
  • NEW FEATURE Debug log features: filter log support; heartbeat control; log file size limit; log viewer.
  • IMPROVEMENT Separate crawler access log.
  • IMPROVEMENT Lazy PURGE requests made after output are now queued and working.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved readme.txt with keywords relating to our compatible plugins list.
  • UPDATE 'ExpiresDefault' conflict msg is now closeable and only appears in the .htaccess edit screen.
  • UPDATE Improved debug log formatting.
  • INTEGRATION Compatibility with MainWP plugin.
  • BUGFIX Fixed Woocommerce order not purging product stock quantity.
  • BUGFIX Fixed Woocommerce scheduled sale price not updating issue.
  • REFACTOR Combined cache_enable functions into a single function.

LSCWP 1.1.4 (8-1-2017) Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • IMPROVEMENT Unexpected rewrite rules will now show an error message.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added Cache Tag Prefix setting info in the Env Report and Info page.
  • IMPROVEMENT LSCWP setting link is now displayed in the plugin list.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved performance when setting cache control.
  • UPDATE Added backward compatibility for v1.1.2.2 API calls. (Used by 3rd-party plugins)
  • BUGFIX Fixed WPCLI purge tag/category never succeeding.

LSCWP 1.1.3 (7-31-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE New LiteSpeed_Cache_API class and documentation for 3rd party integration.
  • NEW FEATURE New API function litespeed_purge_single_post($post_id).
  • NEW FEATURE PHP CLI support for crawler.
  • IMPROVEMENT Set ‘no cache’ for same location 301 redirects.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved LiteSpeed footer comment compatibility.
  • UPDATE Removed ‘cache tag prefix’ setting.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug involving CLI purge all.
  • BUGFIX Crawler now honors X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control for the ‘no-cache’ header.
  • BUGFIX Cache/rewrite rules are now cleared when the plugin is uninstalled.
  • BUGFIX Prevent incorrect removal of the advanced-cache.php on deactivation if it was added by another plugin.
  • BUGFIX Fixed subfolder WP installations being unable to Purge By URL using a full URL path.
  • REFACTOR Reorganized existing code for an upcoming ESI release.

LSCWP (7-5-2017) Feature Enhancements

  • IMPROVEMENT Improved compatibility with WooCommerce v3.1.0.

LSCWP 1.1.2 (6-20-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • IMPROVEMENT Added a wiki link for enabling the crawler.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved Site IP description.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added an introduction to the crawler on the Information page.
  • BUGFIX Fixed missing form close tag.
  • REFACTOR Added more detailed error messages for Site IP and Custom Sitemap settings.

LSCWP (6-15-2017) Bug Fixes

  • BUGFIX Hotfix for insufficient validation of site IP value in crawler settings.

LSCWP 1.1.1 (6-15-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE As of LiteSpeed Web Server v.5.1.16, the crawler can now be enabled/disabled at the server level.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the ability to provide a custom sitemap for crawling.
  • NEW FEATURE Added ability to use site IP address directly in crawler settings.
  • NEW FEATURE Crawler performance improved with the use of new custom user agent ‘lsrunner’.
  • NEW FEATURE “Purge By URLs” now supports full URL paths.
  • NEW FEATURE Added thirdparty WP-PostRatings compatibility.
  • BUGFIX Cache is now cleared when changing post status from published to draft.
  • BUGFIX WHM activation message no longer continues to reappear after being dismissed.
  • GUI Display recommended values for settings.

LSCWP (6-8-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • IMPROVEMENT Improved default crawler interval setting.
  • IMPROVEMENT Tested up to WP 4.8.
  • BUGFIX Fixed compatibility with plugins that output json data.
  • BUGFIX Fixed tab switching bug.
  • BUGFIX Removed occasional duplicated messages on save.
  • GUI Improved crawler tooltips and descriptions.

LSCWP 1.1.0 (6-6-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added a crawler - this includes configuration options and a dedicated admin page. Uses wp-cron.
  • INTEGRATION Added integration for WPLister
  • INTEGRATION Added integration for Avada
  • IMPROVEMENT General structure of the plugin revamped
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved look of admin pages
  • BUGFIX Fix any/all wp-content path retrieval issues
  • BUGFIX Use realpath to clear symbolic link when determining .htaccess paths
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug where upgrading multiple plugins did not trigger a purge all
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug where cli import_options did not actually update the options.
  • REFACTOR Most of the files in the code were split into more, smaller files

LSCWP 1.0.15 (4-20-2017) Feature Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added Purge Pages and Purge Recent Posts Widget pages options.
  • NEW FEATURE Added wp-cli command for setting and getting options.
  • NEW FEATURE Added an import/export options cli command.
  • NEW FEATURE Added wpForo integration.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Theme My Login integration.
  • IMPROVEMENT Purge adjacent posts when publish a new post.
  • IMPROVEMENT Change environment report file to .php and increase security.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added new purgeby option to wp-cli.
  • IMPROVEMENT Remove nag for multiple sites.
  • IMPROVEMENT Only inject LiteSpeed javascripts in LiteSpeed pages.
  • REFACTOR Properly check for zero in ttl settings.
  • BUGFIX Fixed the 404 issue that can be caused by some certain plugins when save the settings.
  • BUGFIX Fixed mu-plugin compatibility.
  • BUGFIX Fixed problem with creating zip backup.
  • BUGFIX Fixed conflict with jetpack.

LSCWP (1-31-2017) Feature Removal

  • IMPROVEMENT Removed Freemius integration based on feedback.

LSCWP 1.0.14 (1-30-2017) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added error page caching. Currently supports 403, 404, 500s.
  • NEW FEATURE Added a purge errors action.
  • NEW FEATURE Added wp-cli integration.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added support for multiple varies.
  • IMPROVEMENT Reorganize the admin interface to be less cluttered.
  • IMPROVEMENT Add support for LiteSpeed Web ADC.
  • IMPROVEMENT Add Freemius integration.
  • REFACTOR Made some changes so that the rewrite rules are a little more consistent.
  • BUGFIX Check member type before adding purge all button.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug where activating/deactivating the plugin quickly caused the WP_CACHE error to show up.
  • BUGFIX Handle more characters in the rewrite parser.
  • BUGFIX Correctly purge posts when they are made public/private.

LSCWP (11-30-2016) Bug fixes

  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug where a global was being used without checking existence first, causing unnecessary log entries.

LSCWP 1.0.13 (11-29-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Add an Empty Entire Cache button.
  • NEW FEATURE Add stale logic to certain purge actions.
  • NEW FEATURE Add option to use primary site settings for all subsites in a multisite environment.
  • NEW FEATURE Add support for Aelia CurrencySwitcher.
  • IMPROVEMENT Add logic to allow third party vary headers.
  • IMPROVEMENT Handle password protected pages differently.
  • BUGFIX Fixed bug caused by saving settings.
  • BUGFIX Fixed bug when searching for advanced-cache.php.

LSCWP 1.0.12 (11-14-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • NEW FEATURE Added support for Autoptimize.
  • NEW FEATURE Added logic to generate environment reports.
  • NEW FEATURE Added logic to create a file whenever an environment report is generated.
  • NEW FEATURE Created a notice that will be triggered when the WHM Plugin installs this plugin. This will notify users when the plugin is installed by their server admin.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Better WP Minify integration.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the option to cache 404 pages via 404 Page TTL setting.
  • NEW FEATURE Reworked log system to be based on selection of yes or no instead of log level.
  • IMPROVEMENT On plugin disable, clear .htaccess.
  • IMPROVEMENT Introduced URL tag. Changed Purge by URL to use this new tag.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug triggered when .htaccess files were empty.
  • BUGFIX Correctly determine when to clear files in multisite environments (wp-config, advanced-cache, etc).
  • BUGFIX When disabling the cache, settings changed in the same save will now be saved.
  • BUGFIX Various bugs from setting changes and multisite fixed.
  • BUGFIX Fixed two bugs with the .htaccess path search.
  • BUGFIX Do not alter $_GET in add_quick_purge. This may cause issues for functionality occurring later in the same request.
  • BUGFIX Right to left radio settings were incorrectly displayed. The radio buttons themselves were the opposite direction of the associated text.

LSCWP 1.0.11 (10-11-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • NEW FEATURE The plugin will now set cachelookup public on.
  • NEW FEATURE New option - check advanced-cache.php. This enables users to have two caching plugins enabled at the same time as long as the other plugin is not used for caching purposes. For example, using another cache plugin for css/js minification.
  • IMPROVEMENT Rules added by the plugin will now be inserted into an LSCACHE START/END PLUGIN comment block.
  • IMPROVEMENT For woocommerce pages, if a user visits a non-cached page with a non-empty cart, do not cache the page.
  • IMPROVEMENT If woocommerce needs to display any notice, do not cache the page.
  • IMPROVEMENT Single site settings are now in both the litespeed cache submenu and the settings submenu.
  • BUGFIX Multisite network options were not updated on upgrade. This is now corrected.

LSCWP 1.0.10 (9-16-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added a check for LSCACHE_NO_CACHE definition.
  • Added a Purge All button to the admin bar.
  • Added logic to purge the cache when upgrading a plugin or theme. By default this is enabled on single site installations and disabled on multisite installations.
  • Added support for WooCommerce Versions < 2.5.0.
  • Added .htaccess backup rotation. Every 10 backups, an .htaccess archive will be created. If one already exists, it will be overwritten.
  • Moved some settings to the new Specific Pages tab to reduce clutter in the General tab.
  • The .htaccess editor is now disabled if DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT is set.
  • After saving the Cache Tag Prefix setting, all cache will be purged.

LSCWP (8-26-2016) Bug fixes

  • Changed logic to check .htaccess files less often.
  • Fixed a bug where an error displayed on the configuration screen despite there not being an error.

LSCWP 1.0.9 (8-25-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added functionality to cache and purge feeds.
  • Added cache tag prefix setting to avoid conflicts when using LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress with LiteSpeed Cache for XenForo and LiteMage.
  • Added hooks to allow third party plugins to create config options.
  • Added WooCommerce config options.
  • The plugin now also checks for wp-config in the parent directory.
  • Improved WooCommerce support.
  • Changed .htaccess backup process. Will create a .htaccess_lscachebak_orig file if one does not exist. If it does already exist, creates a backup using the date and timestamp.
  • Fixed a bug where get_home_path() sometimes returned an invalid path.
  • Fixed a bug where if the .htaccess was removed from a WordPress directory, it was not handled properly.

LSCWP (7-28-2016) Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where check cacheable was sometimes not hit.
  • Fixed a bug where extra slashes in clear rules were stripped.

LSCWP 1.0.8 (7-25-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added purge all on update check to purge by post id logic.
  • Added uninstall logic.
  • Added configuration for caching favicons.
  • Added configuration for caching the login page.
  • Set login cookie if user is logged in and it isn’t set.
  • Improved NextGenGallery support to include new actions.
  • Now displays a notice on the network admin if WP_CACHE is not set.
  • Fixed a few php syntax issues.
  • Fixed a bug where purge by pid didn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug where the Network Admin settings were shown when the plugin was active in a subsite, but not network active.
  • Fixed a bug where the Advanced Cache check would sometimes not work.

LSCWP (5-26-2016) Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where enabling purge all in the auto purge on update settings page did not purge the correct blogs.
  • Fixed a bug reported by user wpc on our forums where enabling purge all in the auto purge on update settings page caused nothing to be cached.

LSCWP 1.0.7 (5-24-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added login cookie configuration to the Advanced Settings page.
  • Added support for WPTouch plugin.
  • Added support for WP-Polls plugin.
  • Added Like Dislike Counter third party integration.
  • Added support for Admin IP Query String Actions.
  • Added confirmation pop up for purge all.
  • REFACTOR Split LiteSpeed_Cache_Admin into LiteSpeed_Cache_Admin, LiteSpeed_Cache_Admin_Display, and LiteSpeed_Cache_Admin_Rules
  • REFACTOR Renamed functions to more accurately represent their functionality
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a “no valid header” error message.

LSCWP 1.0.6 (5-5-2016) Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug reported by Knut Sparhell that prevented dashboard widgets from being opened or closed.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Knut Sparhell that caused problems with https support for admin pages.

LSCWP 1.0.5 (4-26-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • [BETA] Added NextGen Gallery plugin support.
  • Added third party plugin integration.
  • Improved cache tag system.
  • Improved formatting for admin settings pages.
  • Converted bbPress to use the new third party integration system.
  • Converted WooCommerce to use the new third party integration system.
  • If .htaccess is not writeable, disable separate mobile view and do not cache cookies/user agents.
  • Cache is now automatically purged when disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where .htaccess wasn’t checked properly when adding common rules.
  • Fixed a bug where multisite setups would be completely purged when one site requested a purge all.

LSCWP 1.0.4 (4-7-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added logic to cache commenters.
  • Added htaccess backup to the install script.
  • Added an htaccess editor in the wp-admin dashboard.
  • Added do not cache user agents.
  • Added do not cache cookies.
  • Created new LiteSpeed Cache Settings submenu entries.
  • Implemented Separate Mobile View.
  • Modified WP_CACHE not defined message to only show up for users who can manage options.
  • Moved enabled all/disable all from network management to network settings.
  • Fixed a bug where WP_CACHE was not defined on activation if it was commented out.

LSCWP 1.0.3 (3-23-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added a Purge Front Page button to the LiteSpeed Cache Management page.
  • Added a Default Front Page TTL option to the general settings.
  • Added ability to define web application specific cookie names through rewrite rules to handle logged-in cookie conflicts when using multiple web applications. [Requires LSWS 5.0.15+]
  • Improved WooCommerce handling.
  • Fixed a bug where activating lscwp sets the “enable cache” radio button to enabled, but the cache was not enabled by default.
  • Refactored code to make it cleaner.
  • Updated the README.

LSCWP 1.0.2 (3-11-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added a "Use Network Admin Setting" option for "Enable LiteSpeed Cache". For single sites, this choice will default to enabled.
  • Added enable/disable all buttons for network admin. This controls the setting of all managed sites with "Use Network Admin Setting" selected for "Enable LiteSpeed Cache".
  • Exclude by Category/Tag are now text areas to avoid slow load times on the LiteSpeed Cache Settings page for sites with a large number of categories/tags.
  • Added a new line to advanced-cache.php to allow identification as a LiteSpeed Cache file.
  • Activation/Deactivation are now better handled in multi-site environments.
  • Enable LiteSpeed Cache setting is now a radio button selection instead of a single checkbox.
  • Can now add '$' to the end of a URL in Exclude URI to perform an exact match.
  • The _lscache_vary cookie will now be deleted upon logout.
  • Fixed a bug in multi-site setups that would cause a "function already defined" error.

LSCWP 1.0.1 (3-8-2016) Feature enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added Do Not Cache by URI, by Category, and by Tag. URI is a prefix/string equals match.
  • Added a help tab for plugin compatibilities.
  • Created logic for other plugins to purge a single post if updated.
  • Fixed a bug where woocommerce pages that display the cart were cached.
  • Fixed a bug where admin menus in multi-site setups were not correctly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where logged in users were served public cached pages.
  • Fixed a compatibility bug with bbPress. If there is a new forum/topic/reply, the parent pages will now be purged as well.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow cron job to update scheduled posts.

LSCWP 1.0.0 (1-20-2016) Initial release