QUIC: Why You Need It and How to Get It https://www.litespeedtech.com/images/logos/litespeed/ls-quic-logo.png 2019-08-15 19:23:18 What is QUIC? Why should you use a QUIC server? How is it deployed? Learn the facts about QUIC support and improve your website's speed and security.

QUIC: Quick UDP Internet Connections

LiteSpeed Web Server supports QUIC and powers more than 97% of QUIC-enabled web sites wordwide.

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What Is QUIC?

QUIC is the next generation internet protocol initially developed by Google. It's enabled by default in the Google Chrome browser.


  • A new protocol developed by Google to improve upon HTTP/2, and constructed with security in mind.
  • The next generation internet protocol, engineered to reduce latency due to handshake and packet loss.
  • Currently undergoing standardization with the IETF's QUIC working group.

Why Use QUIC

Why Use QUIC?

  • QUIC is Faster

    • Reduce connection-establishment time, avoid head-of-line blocking, improve congestion control and network efficiency.
    • Effectively handle connection migration in a highly-variable network environment.
  • QUIC is Secure

    • Application data and most of the protocol header is subjected to strong, tough-to-crack encryption.
  • QUIC is Available

    • More than half of the population of the web uses Chrome or Opera, and both browsers support QUIC.
    • Google has been using QUIC on its own sites for five years!
  • QUIC is COOL!

    • Google QUIC-powers everything from Search to YouTube, but why should they have all of the fun? QUIC is the future. Be a part of it!

LiteSpeed QUIC

Why Use LiteSpeed's QUIC?

LiteSpeed's QUIC web server implementation is special:

  • It's production-quality and available to millions of websites.

  • Its multi-process, event-driven architecture scales well.

  • It defends against DDoS and packet-spoofing attacks.

  • It can be used as a proxy.

  • It supports server push.

  • It's faster!

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QUIC Deployment

How to Deploy QUIC 

See the scenarios in which you can set up QUIC, view the system requirements,
and learn step-by-step how to get QUIC enabled for your sites.