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  1. collagenadiva4
  2. hai
  3. Mike DiPaola
    Mike DiPaola
    I think I set my laser printer to stun...
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  4. Mike DiPaola
    Mike DiPaola
    Far too entertained by systems drama
  5. oviliz
    0% interests
  6. P Stanely
    P Stanely
    Freelance Ecommerce Developer
  7. Khairil Gunawan
    Khairil Gunawan
    I love something new
  8. Contact technique
    Contact technique mistwang
    hello mistwang, thanks for your answer. Possible to chat by private message or email to explain the 404 redirect error ?
  9. Sergey Babkevych
  10. Vikram Sharma
    Vikram Sharma
    Hi All, First of all I like to introduce my self with this forum. I am Vikram, B.Tech student and I love technology.
  11. Multisite.Network
    Multisite.Network eva2000
    Looking at LSWS for my WordPress Multisite server... would love any general LSWS/LScache and WordPress(MS) specific config tips/snippets... your benchmark posts have been really great (though I had to go to the wayback machine to read a few of 'em), thanks =)
  12. Klimbo
    You will never code alone ...
  13. Gopalan
    Gopalan NiteWave
    hi NiteWave
  14. Gabor H
    Gabor H Michael
    Hi Michael,

    I've an issue with installing LiteSpeed via Plesk.
    It's installed, but unable to start LiteSpeed.

    Getting the following when checking version:
    [OK] Your trial license key will expire in 14 days!
    2015-03-09 15:50:13.093 [NOTICE] Memory size is: 16392492KB.

    I had unsuccessful install weeks ago, maybe that invalidated IP somehow?
    Would you pls chek my IP status?

    Kind regards,
  15. sork
    ERROR 503 ;-(
  16. viswanathan
    viswanathan mistwang
    hello mistwang i want to know how monyog uses cpu cores for using trial licence now and before my trial period was over i want to check the performance of litespeed vs apache.
  17. Licensecart
    Hoping the guys create an InterWorx plugin to help expand the LiteSpeed client base :).
  18. mohsen hasanpour
    mohsen hasanpour
    فقط mohsen systems binary
  19. Mosab
    Mosab mistwang
    hi, please activate my license, i paid the invoice, the support ticket has no respond
  20. MentaL
    I love myself some Litespeed in the AM.