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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by box1204, Aug 18, 2009.

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    litespeed drupal 403 Forbidden Errors on symlinks Multi-site setup


    I just got my hosting company to install litespeed, but apparently i dont really get to see it in action since it broke a bunch of my sites. luckily they are still in development and isnt live yet.

    Well basically i have a Drupal CMS multi site setup where i have 1 code base located on my /home/drupal_code directory which is outside of every users home directory. Now for every drupal site i have say its located on /home/site1 i have symlinks linking to the orginal code base which is located outside of the user's directory.

    In apache this works fine after i enable the php open_basedir feature for a specific site. Now how would i do this for litespeed?

    From the tests i made so far i put a test.html inside the symlinked directory and i get a 403 forbidden error.

    So in conclusion litespeed is not following the symlinks which is why its not working on a Drupal multi-site setup.

    the site im having problems with is: http://www.phonerepair.us
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  2. anewday

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    Wonder if 4.0.10 fixed this.
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  3. mistwang

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    should be fixed.

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