2.1.15 Released + New Website Look

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    xing LiteSpeed Staff

    LiteSpeed 2.1.15 Server has been released. Several features requested by our members from support forums have been added. Enjoy!

    Change Log:

    * LSAPI 2.0 released for PHP and 1.1 for Ruby. Fixed a bug that can cause header corruption.
    * Fixed a bug in CGI parameter handling that can cause core dump.
    * Improvement: Awstats (add-on) scheduler will no longer update on every server restart.
    * New Feature: added option to start external applications at server start-up instead of on-demand (default).
    * New Feature: added option to log CPanel compatible bandwidth usage.

    If you use LSAPI, this release is highly recommended.

    Download LSWS 2.1.15
    Download LSAPI

    Final note:

    We have revamped our web site for a cleaner look with more features geared toward community involvement.

    A LiteSpeed Wiki has been added to help organize all the FAQ/How-Tos that LiteSpeed staff and our users come across .

    If you see something missing in the wiki, feel free to contribute.

    We welcome any feedback regarding the new website via replies to this thread or post them to the "Feedbacks" forum.
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