500 errors when uploading themes

Discussion in 'General' started by optize, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. optize

    optize Well-Known Member

    We recently applied Litespeed cache to our boxes and now started to receive complaints about people unable to upload things via web browsers (themes for wordpress, joomla)

    What's happening is that the connection will sit there looking like it's uploading and then give a 500 error. I find it odd it would have anything to do with caching, I'll try to disable caching and see if the error still happens...

    Here is the error_log

    2011-07-16 07:38:58.630 [INFO] [x.x.163.187:58421-0#APVH_x.x] connection to [/tmp/lshttpd/APVH_x.x_Suphp.sock.908] on request #0, confirmed, 0, associated process: 989237, running: 1, error: Connection reset by peer!

    2011-07-16 07:41:27.330 [INFO] [x.x.163.187:58421-0#APVH_x.x] Connection idle time: 121 while in state: 5 watching for event: 24,close!

    2011-07-16 07:41:27.330 [NOTICE] [x.x.163.187:58421-0#APVH_xx.xx] Content len: 506302, Request line: 'POST /wp-admin/update.php?action=upload-theme HTTP/1.1'

    2011-07-16 07:41:27.330 [INFO] [x.x.163.187:58421-0#APVH_xx.xx] Cookie len: 772, wordpress_ec9f6e875fc1d9dfafd73d21d2e67cb4=admin%7C1310999871%7Ccc076b0e930ed9cfcc991d65a2941785; __qca=P0-1009158310-1310209715624; wp-settings-1=m9%3Do%26m4%3Do%26m5%3Do%26m8%3Do%26m6%3Do%26m10%3Do%26m2%3Do%26m0%3Do%26m7%3Do%26m1%3Do%26m3%3Do%26m11%3Dc%26hidetb%3D1%26editor%3Dtinymce%26align%3Dright%26imgsize%3Dfull%26wplink%3D0%26urlbutton%3Dfile; wp-settings-time-1=1310209777; comment_author_ec9f6e875fc1d9dfafd73d21d2e67cb4=xx; comment_author_email_ec9f6e875fc1d9dfafd73d21d2e67cb4=xx%40dfd.com; comment_author_url_ec9f6e875fc1d9dfafd73d21d2e67cb4=http%3A%2F%2FWebsite; PHPSESSID=a81643a714831c247fab890c8ffea3fa; wordpress_test_cookie=WP+Cookie+check; wordpress_logged_in_ec9f6e875fc1d9dfafd73d21d2e67cb4=admin%7C1310999871%7C97156c9f96b0615cd87886a6a3c0ebb7

    2011-07-16 07:41:27.330 [INFO] [x.x.163.187:58421-0#APVH_xx.xx] HttpExtConnector state: 10, request body sent: 89646, response body size: 0, response body sent:0, left in buffer: 0, attempts: 1.

    2011-07-16 07:41:28.080 [INFO] [x.x.163.187:58421-0#APVH_xx.xx] File not found [/home/xx/public_html/500.shtml]
  2. optize

    optize Well-Known Member

    Found it out -- it's 4.1.2. I recently upgraded my boxes this morning and the complaints started to come in...

    I downgraded to 4.1.1 the boxes and the users all reported the issue is fixed...

  3. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    We received similar bug reports regarding this issue, will address it on Monday.
  4. optize

    optize Well-Known Member

    Any update to this bug?
  5. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    the latest 4.1.2 addressed the issue.

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