501 errors

I have a dedicated server with litespeed, immunify, cloudlinux, modsecurity,etc. and I pay for managed support from my server provider. I have never had any problems and everything was running great. About a month ago they raised a ticket and said the server was "flapping" and I think they did a rebuild of litespeed and every since then I have been having strange errors. For one thing, it seems that modSecurity is now very sensitive and there are times working in Wordpress where I will click a button and it will just hang for a while and/or give me 403 forbidden error. If I turn modSecurity off it will process just fine. However, there are also times where I will get a 501 error and then if I refresh the page it will be fine. Can anyone help me figure out if my configuration is bad?
I looked at the logs but I could not tell if there were any problems. I checked the log right after one incident and there were about 100 lines or more for that timestamp and I couldn't tell what was going on.


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Can anyone help me figure out if my configuration is bad?
Simple solution: Disable ModSecurity or change the defined rules. ModSecurity is good, but only as good as the defined rules. The better solution would be using an external WAF like CloudFlare WAF, because ModSecurity is not free and causes extra load and page time load.