A few questions before upgrading to 4.2.3

Discussion in 'General' started by Monarobase, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Litespeed 4.2.3 was released as stable a few weeks ago, I've seen a few bug reports on this forum that were fixed, actually more reports than I've seen with previous versions.

    Are there still any bugs that are known but not fixed yet ? Are there alot of servers that have now been upgraded without any issues ?

    I'm panning to upgrade this evening and just want to make sure I won't run into any issues.

    Should I also upgrade PHP with easy apache just after running the litespeed upgrade ? or is this completly independent ?

    Are there any new options that need to be set after upgrading ?

    There's an option I'm interested in but am not yet sure what activating it implies :

    Telling litespeed not to kill php processes when a client closes the connection.

    Some scripts rely on not being killed when a client connection is lost and use php functions like ignore_user_abort(true)

    However what would the impact be to disable killing php scripts on client connection close ? Would litespeed still close runaway php processes ?

    I would like to not forcefully kill php processes unless they are old (maybe 5 or 10 minutes old).
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    quick answer: 4.2.3 is stable, that's why we have enabled auto upgrade. so far no big issue seen.

    and upgrade is low-risk -- you can switch back to previous version with one-click.

    upgrade php and lsws is independent -- if building matching php under 4.2.3, php-lsapi 6.2 will be picked up; if currently running 4.2.2, php-lsapi 6.1 will be picked up, this is the difference I think. however, it's still fine if building php with lsapi 6.2, but then you switch back to lsws 4.2.2.

    the default setting of 4.2.3
    External Application Abort:Enable Abort for Requests from External IPs
    should be better than "No Abort" or "Enable Abort for All Requests" in most cases.

    per the case you described, you may prefer "No Abort".

    if php script execution time > LSAPI_MAX_PROCESS_TIME (http://www.litespeedtech.com/php-litespeed-sapi.html), it'll be killed.
  3. Monarobase

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    We updated without any issues both litespeed and PHP (to use php LSAPI v6.2).

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