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    Anyone who has to deal with ddos attacks knows that these new GET style attacks on dynamic sites are becoming quite rampant. No matter what network level, server level, or litespeed level restrictions in place most will get right by as they seem like legit user_agents but they are just zombie pcs.

    I made an article on this to help explain this recent surge and why it is happening - http://nix101.com/2009/09/12/the-rising-of-get-style-http-attacks-and-why/

    Now here is where the feedback comes in. I would like to see something that blocks on repetitive GETs to any request instead of having to manually specify the domain/domlog and request in my BARF script which you can read more about here - http://nix101.com/barf-script/

    Here on WHT, you can see the modifications and upgrades I am soliciting developers to do. - http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?p=6445453#post6445453

    So if there was anything on lsws that would help on this, well it would just be a big help. The only issue I have with litespeed's blocking is that when these bots reach a 403 they are still able to suck a lot of bandwidth and run resources high. I know I spoke of this before.

    As of now while Im on that thought i am going to look and see if there is any settings on litespeed so I can make my own html static error pages.

    Any help or guidance will be much appreciated.
  2. jackc

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    more anti-ddos feature the better.
  3. teegogy09

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    we want to be able to have a user execute a script that will email a user or group when a file is uploaded from the desktop to the server by a group admininstrator. Is it possible to execute a script?

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