About license and service worker

I've been using cyberpanel + openlitespeed and want to go enterprise

User specifications:
- real time user 200 to 400 spike 600 (80% organic search amp. I think this use google amp cache)
- 25k to 50k daily users
- Page views 30k to 100k per day

Device specifications now on google cloud e2 2cpu 8gb ram and will switch to Vultr high frequency 4cpu 16gb ram

Question :
1. Is 1 worker enough to meet my needs
2. Is the Site Owner Plus license sufficient for my needs
-> 1. Worker means ~ device|server|IP|host. If you you have only 1 host Site Owner Plus is okay
-> 2. If your new server has 16GB Ram, Site Owner Plus is okay, if you don't have more than 5 domains.
Yes i just running 1 site and 1 domain on my vps. Means there is no problem I use the owner plus license even though my new server uses 4vcpu and 16gb ram as long as I only use 1 domain.
Thank you for the answers and assistance.


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For the future: If you will register more domains, for LiteSpeed licenses it doesn't matter if domain is in use or not.
Example: You have 6 domains, but only 1 is in use and all others are only Addon Domains, you must upgrade Site Owner Plus licence.