About Magento ESI.PHP error problem

Hello Everyone

I installed LiteMage 1.3.14 (for Magento 1.9) but upgraded to PHP8.2, however, I see the following frequent error codes on system.logs

Warning: Attempt to access array offset of value of type null in app/code/community/Litespeed/Litemage/Helper/Esi.php on line 557

if ($this->_esiLayoutCache['adjusted'] && $this->_config->useInternalCache()) {


protected function _refreshEsiBlockCache()
if ($this->_esiLayoutCache['adjusted'] && $this->_config->useInternalCache()) {
$tags = array(Mage_Core_Model_Layout_Update::LAYOUT_GENERAL_CACHE_TAG);
$this->_config->saveInternalCache(json_encode($this->_esiLayoutCache['blocks'], JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR), $this->_esiLayoutCache['cacheId'], $tags) ;
$this->_esiLayoutCache['adjusted'] = false;

May I to know how to solve it?

Thank you