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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by stefan, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. stefan

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    respect for the integration of the awstats program into litespeed.
    Still have to configure some options, but it is well explained

    But if there is a new package of awstats say 6.2 or 7 and no new litespeed, how can we upgrade from this? Or is it just to run the again and the new awstats will be installed?

    I will add these feature to the review as soon as I got the time to do it and if 2.0 of litespeed is officieel released, perhaps you are changing things until the 2.0 version.

    Really great work.. Will there be more of those add-ons?
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    You can upgrade manually, just download the new version and make a symbolic link from awstat-x.x to lsws/add-ons/awstats, or change awstats version number in lsws/admin/misc/, then run that script again.

    We will add more if there are good suggestions and we are available. :)

    Right now, our main focus is Apache inter-changeablility and pushing PHP and maybe Servlet performance to a higher level that beyond any other web server can reach.

    Thank you for keeping your review up-to-date. :)
  3. stefan

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    awstats addon

    I got the following questions about awstats plugin, don' t know if it is a bug, or it should do it this way, that's why I post it here, here it comes:

    To have some real stats, I have implemented the awstats add-on to the server, however I got some questions about it. I have read the configuration of awstats in the docs dir. not anything else yet.

    The following has been done, first of all I had the stats refresh set at hourly , later on I put it to daily. What I see is that the access.log keeps split up in "hours" each hour a new log. Is this correct? This causes problems with the already installed awstats on the system. because of the splits of access.log.

    Futhermore I have modified the awstats.eislon.conf to the setting of the already running awstats, except log and data directory's. What happens is that every hour and/or if awstats script runs the default script is recreated? so that the settings are gone.

    Just a example I used for testing this is the DNS settings, default it is set to 2 , I changed it to 1 and saw that a hour later it was set back to 2. This can' t be put in the add-on setting of this plugin. How do we change this? In the .pm files?? Or is it possible to do in the add-on window?
  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Yes, log file is rotated before updating statistics. Maybe it is better to only create one daily log file.

    Please read:

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