Bank Of America fraudulent/phishing site.

Discussion in 'General' started by Razillia, Aug 26, 2007.

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    I've never used Litespeed for hosting or any of their services. I just came here to let people who do, and the people who run the site and services know of a site that is running a Bank Of America phishing site to steal and collect peoples online banking information. I'm not going to give the direct link to the site, because I'm not going to facilitate what they do. The email came from with the title of Bank of America Alert.

    While the email itself doesn't appear suspicious, it does to me, considering the fact that I've never even entered a Bank of America building, let alone have an online banking account with them. The link in the email points to a page on A site hosted by Litespeed. White I don't think that Pamela Beatty Pottery has anything to do with Bank of America, they try hard to make the site look legit. All the links point to the main Bank of America website and all function right, except for the one that points to the Litespeed 404 error page.

    If any admin would like me to forward the email to them that I received, please contact me at my email address in my profile, or send me a personal message. I have informed Bank of America of the email and forwarded it to them so they know of it as well. Thank you for your time, and hopefully this incident doesn't tarnish your reputation as a good web host.
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    that sounds like the have a hacked server if its hosted on their site.
    how about contacting them then?

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