Cache not working

We have installed Litespeed on a cPanel server and have enabled LS Cache for our Wordpress installations, however none of the installations are showing a hit on any of the pages, whether logged in or not. We need to diagnose and correct this issue. Can someone assist?
Yes, the cache root has been set up. Further, I can see that the cache files are being generated on the server in the domain's home directories/lscache. But the cache: hit header is never present in the response. I am sending you a PM with a few URLs.
For future searchers having this issue:

We are migrating these websites from another server with lscache. Because of that, the lscache directory in the user's homes did not have the correct permissions. We deleted all of the lscache directories and restarted lsws and this allowed the caching to start to work properly. However, for some reason, many of the sites' .htaccess files were not updated with the CacheLookup on line. Mass disabling LS Cache and then mass ENABLING LS cache caused this line to be added to the Wordpress installations' .htaccess files successfully. We're all good now.
Indeed we did. And to be honest, at first glance, the permissions all looked fine and I was doubtful that that was the problem. But sure enough, deleting the directory and restarting Litespeed corrected the issue entirely.


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For transfer account from one server to another, lscache folder and files underneath are not recommended to sync over.