Cacti template import error?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by canglan, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. canglan

    canglan Member


    I have Litespeed Std 2.2.3 with Cacti 0.8.6i (and tried 0.8.6h too), and I've followed the instruction on wiki. The problem occurs when I try to import the template, below are the errors:


    Cacti has imported the following items:

    Round Robin Archive
    [fail] Daily (5 Minute Average) [new]
    [fail] Weekly (30 Minute Average) [new]
    [fail] Monthly (2 Hour Average) [new]
    [fail] Yearly (1 Day Average) [new]

    [fail] Turn KBytes into Bits [new]

    GPRINT Preset
    [fail] Normal [new]

    Data Input Method
    [fail] Get SNMP Data (Indexed) [new]

    Data Template
    [fail] LiteSpeed Vhost [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed ExtApp [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed General [new]

    Graph Template
    [fail] LiteSpeed: Vhost [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed: ExtApp: Connections [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed: ExtApp: Requests [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed: Plain Traffic (bits/sec) [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed: SSL Traffic (bits/sec) [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed: Plain Connections [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed: SSL Connections [new]

    Data Query
    [fail] LiteSpeed Vhost [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed ExtApp [new]
    [fail] LiteSpeed General [new]

    Host Template
    [fail] LiteSpeed [new]


    FYI it's a debian system.

    Anyone got any ideas? :/

  2. xing

    xing LiteSpeed Staff

    The latest builds of Cacti might have introduced extra depencies. I believe the the version we tested it at was 0.8.6h.

    We will test 0.8.6i on Ubuntu tonight and give you a heads-up by tomorrow.
  3. canglan

    canglan Member

    Hi Xing thank you for your reply. I *did* try 0.8.6h, and got the same errors, so I guess it could be some other problems?

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