Can't get out of CONGRATULATIONS

Discussion in 'General' started by Van, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Van

    Van New Member

    Using Litespeed for several years with no problem. Computer died, reinstalling Litespeed on new Ubuntu machine--everything seems to work up to the point where I want to switch from the Congratulation page to MY page. Remote access to Congratulation page works fine--my access to Administration page works fine--I have spent literally DAYS trying to solve this. How can I switch from Congratulations to MY page ?
  2. jayjaybaby

    jayjaybaby Active Member

    Have you setup a virtual host correctly to serve your content?
  3. Van

    Van New Member

    I think I have a RTFM probem

    I have not been able to set up virtual host---I think I may have a good tutorial to help me.

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