[closed] Litespeed 4.0.18 + PHP FastCGI + Suexec issues

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  1. valentin

    valentin New Member

    Hi to all forum members.

    Let's start with the requirements first:

    >> a. OS Version (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris, distribution, kernel, 32bit/64bit)

    CentOS 5.5 - 32bit

    >> b. Hardware configurations: CPU speed, RAM size, etc


    >> c. LiteSpeed version (also standard or enterprise)

    LiteSpeed/4.0.18 Enterprise
    - Using Apache Configuration File -> YES
    - PHP suEXEC -> YES
    - PHP script handler set to -> FastCGI with custom build PHP

    >> Licensing

    Trial Key

    >> PHP information (PHPinfo page is preferred), run in suEXEC mode or not?

    Applies to all of the following:

    PHP 4.4.9 - fcgi
    PHP 5.0.5 - fcgi
    PHP 5.1.6 - fcgi
    PHP 5.2.17 - fcgi
    PHP 5.3.5 - fcgi

    Suexec --> Yes but it is not working

    >> e. Hosting control panel if used, including version number


    >> Detailed Description of the problem

    We have been evaluating litespeedhttpd product with a _trail_ license and we found an issue we have been struggling on for 2 days now. We will greatly
    appreciate your thoughts on it.

    When the PHP extensions are set to be processed by the LSAPI App each
    PHP process is executed with the owner of the docroot folder which is
    exactly what we expect. This clones the "suexec" like behavior in apache.

    However when we switch PHP extensions to be processed by the FastCGI
    handler all PHP processes are executed with the user under which
    litespeed is running on (nobody in our case).

    We did a lot of research and all articles we read says that
    fastcgi processed php scripts CAN be executed in "suexec" like mode. We tried all possible configurations. None of these helped.

    When we strace/ltrace the litespeed processes it seems that when we are using fastcgi the fastcgi configured php is never executed via lscgid (the
    daemon which handles the suexec like behavior in this product we
    suppose). However when we switch to lsapi phps we can see that the
    requests are passed to lscgid first and handled by the phps itself after
    the lscgid setuid to the owner of the docroot folder.

    We turned on the debug mode of the litespeed web server. Below you can
    find the output from the processing a sample PHP script via lsapi php:

    2011-01-18 02:02:36.560 [DEBUG] [HTAccess] Updating configuration file
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44669-0#APVH_support.com] [REWRITE] Rewrite engine is
    not enabled for context '/'
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [DEBUG]

    Note the suphp5 mentioned on this line here:

    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44669-0#APVH_support.com] Find handler
    [APVH_support_Suphp5:] for [.php5]

    All lines below are also showing that the process is handled in a suexec
    like mode what we want and works fine with the lsapi

    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44669-0#APVH_support.com] processContextPath() return 0
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44669-0#APVH_support.com] run lsapi processor.
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [DEBUG]
    [uds://tmp/lshttpd/APVH_support.com_Suphp5.sock] create new connection
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [DEBUG]
    [uds://tmp/lshttpd/APVH_support.com_Suphp5.sock] request
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44669-0#APVH_support.com:lsapi] is assigned with
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44669-0#APVH_support.com:lsapi] [ExtConn] reconnect()

    All lines below shows suphp sockets (handled by lscgid we suppose)

    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [INFO] Start listen socket
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [INFO] [APVH_support_Suphp5:] pid list size: 1
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [INFO] [APVH_support_Suphp5:] add child process
    pid: 5075
    2011-01-18 02:02:36.561 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44669-0#APVH_support.com:lsapi] [ExtConn] connecting to

    However when we switch the php extensions to be processed via fastcgi
    here is what it happens:

    2011-01-18 02:15:26.204 [DEBUG] [HTAccess] Updating configuration file
    2011-01-18 02:15:26.204 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:48382-0#APVH_support.com] [REWRITE] Rewrite engine is
    not enabled for context '/'
    2011-01-18 02:15:26.204 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:48382-0#APVH_support.com] Find handler [1H FCGI PHP52]
    for [.php]
    2011-01-18 02:15:26.204 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:48382-0#APVH_support.com] processContextPath() return 0
    2011-01-18 02:15:26.204 [DEBUG]
    [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:48382-0#APVH_support.com] run fcgi processor.

    As you can see above none of the lines are showing "sexec" like behavior
    for the php fastcgi processed scripts. Nothing here shows suphp/suexec like behavior which is observed when we running the phps via the lsapi.

    We were wondering is this some kind of limitation imposed by the trial
    license key we are using, something like a bug in the litespeedhttpd product or just a misconfiguration on our end.

    The litespeed web server is configured to parse apache server
    configuration file.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  2. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    For External Application type, you should choose LSAPI App instead of Fast CGI. There is no issue with trial key. You get full functions in the trial period.
  3. valentin

    valentin New Member

    But the PHPs we are trying to use are compiled with fastcgi support. They do not have lsapi support build in.

    Can't we just use PHP with fast CGI without heaving to build them with lsapi?

    As far as I can understand from your reply it seems that PHPs with fast-cgi can not be used with suexec or I am getting it wrong?

  4. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    Your understanding is correct: LSWS does not support suEXEC with Fast CGI when httpd.conf is used (like in your case). LSAPI is required.
  5. valentin

    valentin New Member

    Thank you very much for the clarification and assistance in this matter. That makes sense.

    It would be good if you mention that somewhere at the documentation pages.

    Best wishes,

  6. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    LSAPI works in a similar way as FCGI, and it is much better than FCGI in every respect. No point to use FCGI PHP with LiteSpeed.

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