command line to check litespeed is running or not

Discussion in 'General' started by oginome, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. oginome

    oginome New Member

    hi, how to check if the running webserver is litespeed or apache by command line?

    Thx. Thx.
  2. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    #netstat -ntlp

    to check which process is listen to port 80
  3. oginome

    oginome New Member

    But it just list the IPs. All program names are blank (just hyphen).
    Any other hint? Thx.
  4. webizen

    webizen New Member

    what OS and version are your running?
  5. oginome

    oginome New Member

    It's the VPS at the hosting. I can use whm to check it.
    But I want a cronjob to check it regularly.
    Now I'm using ps -e | grep "litespeed"
    Is it enough to determine if litespeed is running?
    Deeply thx.
  6. webizen

    webizen New Member

    For CentOS, you can do

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