Compatibility with the official Klaviyo module

I'm a bit surprised that the Litespeedcache module for Prestashop does not work with the official Klaviyo module. The Litespeed module for PS caches Klaviyo's inline javascript variables which doesn't only mess up the data but also causes leak of private information such as email address, name, surname etc. Is there any plan to add Klaviyo integration to the module? I went through the source code of the module and I see it has integration for cookie law and wishlist from iqit vendor. Therefore, I think it would be smart to also add integration for one of the most popular marketing platforms these days.

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To avoid misunderstandings, the LiteSpeed web server and LScache basically have almost everything ready to meet even exotic requirements. In principle, a plugin could also meet these requirements. But a plugin is just a plugin and therefore has a fixed range of functions, because you can only use it to meet the most frequently used requirements. If you have a requirement that deviates from the norm and is not covered by the respective plugin, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot use the plugin and the advantages of LScache. All you need is a developer who is familiar with LiteSpeed and can adapt or expand the plugin according to personal needs. In principle, almost anything is possible.
@serpent_driver all very true, and i think a work around for this is to find some way of adapting the Klaviyo inline js, maybe by adapting the klaviyo module to have the js in a separate file rather than inline, in which case it could easily be excluded from caching using the usual litespeed cache exclude tools.

or would ESI code work better?


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You've identified the fundamental problem, which is a good thing. Likewise, you have recognized that any form of inline scripting contradicts the working principle of a page cache. Actually, the requirement would be predestined for ESI, but ESI also has significant disadvantages that can be so pronounced that the advantage of LScache can be almost completely nullified. Unfortunately, I don't know this Klaviyo module, but the best solution would be an AJAX solution. But that would mean that you adapt this module and not the LScache plugin.