Compiling PHP Pecl extensions

Discussion in 'General' started by gcaplan, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. gcaplan

    gcaplan Member

    Hi folks

    I have LS enterprise running on CentOS. We're using PHP v 5.2.9 built from the LS console to run on LSSAPI.

    I'm trying to build a PHP PECL extension, but it wont load - the stderr log says:

    Module compiled with module API=20050922, debug=0, thread-safety=0
    PHP compiled with module API=20060613, debug=0, thread-safety=0
    These options need to match

    I ran the version of pecl in .../lsws/lsphp5/bin/

    My sysadmin skills are pretty basic, and I can't figure out what else to try.

    I'd be very grateful for suggestions...
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Check if the PHP PECL extension that lsphp5 tries to load is the one newly built, or one the built earlier for another version of PHP.

    Another choice to upgrade your system level PHP installation to PHP 5.2.9, so it wont produce a PHP PECL extension with wrong API version.
  3. gcaplan

    gcaplan Member

    Hi mistwang

    Thanks for the suggestions

    This is the first time I've built this extension - that can't be it.

    So I'll try your idea of upgrading the system level PHP - even though I'm running the LS version of pecl, I guess it must be using system level libraries for the compile.

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