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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by arvanasse, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. arvanasse

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    I'm running LS on an internal server that we're using for testing. The number of applications has grown to the point that I'd rather have a unique url than a unique port on the same url. I'd also like to avoid stacking subdomains (e.g., Is it possible to configure urls like the following:

    with each test_app_x being directed to a different virtual host?
  2. arvanasse

    arvanasse New Member

    I think that I've figured this out but I'd like some feedback from more experienced LS folks to make sure I'm on the right path...

    I have now got ONE Vhost (rather than two) with TWO Rails Contexts defined. Each context has a URI for the test apps (/test_app_1, /test_app_2, ...) and the location is set for the appropriate Rails application.

    Since this is just for internal testing the traffic should be fairly low and I'm not too worried about performance. Does anyone see anything wrong with this setup? Anything to watch out for?


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