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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by LowKey, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. LowKey

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    I'm new on LiteSpeed, and currently using trial.key, before i'm migrate to paid one. I'm getting several issue.

    This is my error_log

    2012-12-27 09:02:27.176 [INFO] [] connection to [/tmp/lshttpd/APVH_xxx.net_Suphp.sock.221] on request #500, confirmed, 0, associated process: 15942, running: 1, error: Connection reset by peer!
    2012-12-27 09:02:27.460 [INFO] [] connection to [/tmp/lshttpd/APVH_xxx.net_Suphp.sock.262] on request #500, confirmed, 0, associated process: 15864, running: 1, error: Connection reset by peer!

    This error is randomly dumped on my error_log.

    I'm not sure why this happen.

    Cloud someone help me on this or any staff can look at this issue?

    Update : This is cPanel server. I'm using LiteSpeed Web Server Plugins on WHM.

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  2. NiteWave

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    this is [INFO] message, information only, not error at all.

    it is relating to this setting:
    lsws admin console->Sever->External App->lsphp5
    ->Environment: PHP_LSAPI_MAX_REQUESTS=500

    the above "500" is the cause of following "500":
    the setting's purpose is described here:
  3. LowKey

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    The server stopped and restart again, and this issue will randomly appear.

    Here I'm attach my setting.

    Could you check what wrong with my setting?

    This server is very high load webserver.


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  4. webizen

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    the stop and restart usually has to do with httpd.conf change by cPanel (like adding/changing account config, etc). LSWS pick up the changes via (graceful) restart. It is not a problem and no need to worry.

    your lsphp5 settings have followings issues:
    1. instances 10 is not right. should set to 1
    2. Max Connections needs to match with PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN (500) if you have PHP suEXEC (Server => General => Using Apache Configuration File) set to No.
  5. nandla

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    I'm having the same issue, worked as instructed by webizen but no luck :(

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