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Discussion in 'General' started by innovot, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. innovot

    innovot Well-Known Member

    Hello all!

    Have been away from LSWS for quite a while due to not being able to integrate ModSec but I see now that it appears pretty well supported. Is that the case ? We switched to an Apache backend with HAProxy load balancing, which works well, but wondering whether we should look to engage with LSWS again.

    We would very much welcome your input on LSWS and its ModSec integration and performance.

    Thank you.
  2. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member Staff Member


    Not sure how long you've been away, but ModSecurity support has certainly been improving. (In fact, it's getting better all the time, partially due to cooperation with security companies.) We think you'll find it's more than adequate for your needs, but let us know if you have any particular questions.


  3. innovot

    innovot Well-Known Member

    Hello Michael,

    Appreciate the reply. We use ModSec quite heavily, with Atomic sigs + our own, and Suricata in front of the LBs.

    Have just spun up a test instance and sent an enquiry to Sales for some info.

    Many thanks.
  4. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Yup. Got your email at sales@, as well. Feel free to ask follow up questions either here or through email. (Here, if possible, as it allows others to benefit from your questions.)

    You might also want to review the short list of ModSecurity categories we currently don't support. We're working on them, but it might be some time.


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  5. innovot

    innovot Well-Known Member

    Installed and running it through its paces.

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