Considering switching back to LSWS

Discussion in 'General' started by innovot, Nov 6, 2012.

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    [SOLVED] Considering switching back to LSWS


    once upon a time, quite a while ago, we were running LSWS but for certain reasons decided to switch back to Apache. As we are about to build some new servers we thought it may be an appropriate time to revisit LSWS and see how it has come along.

    One of this features it must handle straight out of the box is good support for modsec rules. We run Atomic Corp commercial ones and do not wish to migrate if we would need to stop that practice.

    Another module is mod_pagespeed which would need to be supported ASAP as that has provided fantastic speed improvements to our clients.

    Would welcome others views whether from LiteSpeed themselves or other users.

    Thank you.
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    Thank you for the quick response. Will LSWS work with PHP-FPM or does it perform its own acceleration ?
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    In whole LSWS appears to have come a long way though we are unsure whether to make the move or not from Apache. As we are looking at split site the cost for a multi-cpu installation appears quite large compared to a slimmed down Apache and Varnish.

    Are there any recent benchmarks of the latest version and any show cases where LSWS is being used ?

    Many thanks.
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    you can take our 15 day trial (2CPU equivalent) to test it. Also, turn on LSWS cache (available for 2cpu above).
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    Thank you. It should also be the supplier whom offers comparable benchmarks. 15 days unfortunately is not enough to draw a complete conclusion. As we have to understand whether our mod_sec rules could be parsed correctly and that mod_pagespeed is not supported we shall have to defer from LSWS at this time. Thanks. LSWS is definitely making huge progress. Well done.
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    We can extend your trial to 30 day if you need more time. Just email your request to support@ with your server IP.

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