Correct configuration to work with Worldpay module


After some recent issues, I wanted to double check the best configuration to make Litespeed cache work correctly with the Prestashop Worldpay module (payment gateway).

I was receiving a http error 500 every time the Worldpay module completed a transaction and attempted to return the user to the store. Switching Litespeed off resolved the issue.

I am assuming that the error was occurring when the Worldpay module was calling the /modules/worldpay/validation.php file (which is the script on my site it calls once payment has processed).

As this is related to payments, I'm nervous about re-enabling Litespeed, so I was hoping for some insight from anyone who is using the two modules together successfully. Is it sufficient just to blacklist the above URL in Litespeed's config? Or is there something else at play when secure tokens are being passed around?

Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated, as I'm missing the extra speed boost that Litespeed was giving the site!