CSS Excludes not working

I am using Generatepress on a Wordpress Website and since installing Litespeed Cache (as recommended by the website host) we have seen a huge improvement to website performance, in comparison to several other caching plugins. This of course is great news.
However, there is one small issue we have not been able to resolve, despite speaking with the team at Generatepress and our website hosts Ventra IP.
When the website is viewed on an Android phone or a slightly older model iPhone, the Off Canvas Menu is empty. As I am an experienced developer I quickly looked up the correct selectors and added them to the 'UCSS Selector Allowlist' as so;


This did not exclude the Off Canvas menu as desired, so I took a different approach and added these strings into the 'CSS Excludes' field;


Alas, the menu is still empty. Obviously, if I disable the CSS Minify Cache, the menu appears and works fine, but as soon as I enable CSS Minify, the menu disappears again.
Both I and the team at Generatepress are out of ideas, so wonder if you can offer a fix for this. From searching Google, I don't think this issue is unique to me or this website as there are several other forums discussing this, but no resolutions.
The website is www.patsmusic.com.au
Thanks in advance
Sorry, I have left a request on the Wordpress forum, but wasn't sure it would get a response, hence my post here. No problem, I will wait for a response on Wordpress instead. Thanks