desktop & mobile problem

today I install lite speed module. I'm using opencart and journal 3 theme
after installation I clicked Rebuild All Lite speed Cache button

if I open category page or product page firstly in mobile device and then open on desktop, product/category pages appears to be opened from the mobile device.

here is my journal theme cache/js/css setup


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Can you clarify what does this mean "product/category pages appears to be opened from the mobile device"?
Do you mean you see desktop version while viewing from mobile device?
Can you provide an example URL?
the exact opposite. mobile version appeared in my desktop browser

The main problem I'm using currency conversion module. After updating the exchange rate manually, when I opened the category page and products, conversion from the old exchange rate occurred.
First I clicked Purge All LS cache then rebuild cache button.

Immediately after this, I started browsing my website from my mobile device browser. category pages and product pages.
everything looked perfect and then I entered my web site from my desktop browser and the mobile version of the category and product pages I just surfed.
that is, the pages I first opened from mobile looked like a mobile browser in my desktop browser.
we need an example URL to check
I send web site url and screen shots via conversation.
I don't want to share my site public.

After makind purge cache and rebuild cache operation, if I first open web site on desktop browser and then mobile browser, this time the desktop version opens on mobile browser.
When I turned the screen to the horizontal I noticed.
Although my menu design is different on both desktop version and mobile version, when I opened it from mobile browser, desktop design appeared in front of me.
I was very pleased with the speed, but I can not use this problem is not solved.
I think the problem is solved if a separate cache version is created for mobile and desktop.
the corresponding cache is loaded from any device (mobile & desktop)
Thanks for your support. it seems to be working right now. the initial opening time of the site decreased from 8-10 seconds to 2-3 seconds. When I find time I will test more.