Disabling connection timeout for an entire domain

Discussion in 'General' started by optize, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. optize

    optize New Member

  2. webizen

    webizen New Member

    it should still be working.

    turn on rewrite logging (add 'RewriteLogLevel 9' to httpd.conf vhost) and grep REWRITE entries from error_log. should see something like
  3. optize

    optize New Member

    I think my problem is that it's not calling the correct file that is causing the timeout.

    Is it possible to disable it on the entire domain instead of a single file?
  4. webizen

    webizen New Member

    yes, you can disable it for the entire domain like below:

  5. optize

    optize New Member

    Works! My issue was the placement of that line in the .htaccess, I put it on the very top and it started working.

  6. webizen

    webizen New Member

    You are welcome. I knew you can figure that out once a right rule is provided :)

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