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Discussion in 'General' started by NewHoster, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. NewHoster

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    I have a hosting account on a VPS. I am allowed to host as many domains as I want on it.

    I would like to try out LiteSpeed free (standard) edition but I'm confused what '5 virtual hosts' means. Does this means I can only have 5 domains on my VPS if I run LiteSpeed standard, or does it mean something else?

    It also says performance is "good" but not "optimized". Does this mean still better than Apache?

  2. Lauren

    Lauren LiteSpeed Staff Staff Member

    If you use control panel, it will use Apache config file, 5 virtual hosts meaning it will only read the first 5 vhosts from Apache config file.

    If you do not use control panel and apache config file, you can config as many vhosts as you want from lsws web admin gui. the only restriction will be concurrent connections.

    Try it yourself!

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