Domain not working with www. only without

Hello please can you help my domain is not working with www. it comes up with a "parked domain message from my hosting company". The site can only be accessed via "https:// example. com" instead. I would ideally want my site to be accessible by people typing "www. website . com" and "website. com."

Is there a property i need to add to the Litespeed DNS to make this happen? Thank you for any help you can give.


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What is the affected domaín about? Is it a parked domain in server control panel? If yes, is there any redirection (in server control panel) defined for this domain? Is the affected domain setuped in server control panel? Are there any custom nameservers defined for this domain?
There is a redirection on the C Panel for www to non www . However once I point my nameservers to QUIC cloud I can’t edit them and litespeed is in charge of them.
It shows the hostinger parked domain page for www. And then the https works fine.
I’ve had to revert back name servers to hostinger for now. Do I need to set up an A record ? If so what should it say ?
If possible can you please give me an example of what the A record would contain in order for me to fill out the A record correctly. (I know how to add an A record just need to know specifically what it should contain) . Thank you for your help thus fair it is appreciated.