Drupal Shared Hosting and LiteSpeed

We are Drupal developers and use cpanel shared hosting for the development and testing of our applications. Our hosting provider has until now used the Apache web server and we have accessed our applications through the use of urls of the form: where xxxx is a shared virtual host provided by the hosting company.
Our hosting company has decided to change from using the apache webserver and moved our applications to new servers using the litespeed webserver.
Following the change we are unable to access the applications using urls as described above. If we do, the served pages are presented as raw data rather than under the rendering control of the application's theme. We can restore correct rendering through the use of urls of the form. It is not always possible to append the index page file name to the url so we need to find a way to access our applications as we do under the apache webserver. So we need to find a way to access our applications through litespeed in the same manner as before through apache, that is, without the need to append /index.php. Our first thought was that the .htaccess file which provide a feature called Directory Index was not functioning correctly, but it seems that the problems are deeper. Our hosting company suggested that we change the browsing computer's host file and while this would seem to provide a solution inhouse it is not tenable as we partner our clients in our testing programs and changing hosts files on client computers is not a realistic solution.
Does LiteSpeed provide a solution for shared hosting environments like ours that makes a move from apache transparent and if so how does it work?


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The index feature should be enabled by default on LSWS, please confirm with your hosting company. They can raise tickets to support@litespeedtech.com for any question.

Not sure why changing the host file helps, is it possible for you to share the .htaccess content?