EA3 to EA4 converson


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I found this wiki page ( https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/wiki/doku.php/litespeed_wiki:cpanel:easyapache4-config ) and I just want to make sure we're doing the upgrade correctly.

We're currently running LSWS 5.1.16 (latest) on cPanel with EA V3. Based on the wiki article we'd:

  • Switch from LSWS to Apache
  • Run the cPanel conversion from EA3 to EA4
  • Switch from Apache to LSWS
Sound about right and is there anything that we should 'look out' for?


Michael A

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Hi ffeingol,

If you are using LSWS version >= 5.1.7, all you really need to do is click "resolve now" at the top of the LSWS WHM plugin after performing those steps to make sure that your LSPHP binaries and handlers are set up correctly.

Let us know if you run into any trouble after upgrading and good luck :)