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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by vkulov, Nov 24, 2010.

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    Really guys your documentation is out of this world. Can you reference me a page on your doc where you mention anything about XML. After all your config files are XML but the XML file structure is nowhere to be found :(

    I want the simplest thing - enable access logs on a virtual host or even on the whole server, anything...

    I see in your docs that I need to use "Log Control" but that's not an XML tag. is it <LogControl> tag? And where do I put it? In the vhost file or in the main config. And what is the surrounding XML structure around a

    I've got the access logs working only if I use an apache config file.
    I want it to work using the litespeed xml config file.

    I have this in httpd_config.xml


    Error log is working fine. What do I need to do to actually start the access log???
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  3. vkulov

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    I am aware of this.

    There is an Enable stderr Log option but there is no Enable Access Log option.

    So how do I enable it?

    How come the error log is working and access log is not?
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    select 1 virtual host, then
    Log->Access Log

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