error with PHP compiled with Suhosin

Discussion in 'PHP' started by Cyber-DL, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Cyber-DL

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    hi everyone , durring compiling PHP , i was checked Suhosin to install it !

    and now i have a problem with suhosin,

    all of my useres USED vbulletin ( forum script ) has a problem in Style editin ing AdminCP ,

    it's entire of error :
    Required variables have gone missing and execution can not continue. Please try again.
    This error can sometimes occur as a result of Suhosin / Hardened PHP being installed on your server. If you know that you have Suhosin running and you have access to the PHP configuration, try increasing the value of the following variables:
        * php_value
        * php_value suhosin.request.max_vars
    everything i need is how can i increasing the value of
    1- php_value
    2- php_value suhosin.request.max_vars


    NOTE : after Compiling PHP with Suhosin, for activating Suhosin just i put in php.ini ,

    please tell me whereIS these values

    Best Regards
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  2. mistwang

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  3. Cyber-DL

    Cyber-DL Active Member

    it's means all values located in php.ini , but i loaded suhosin by in extension section ! so whereIs correct suhosin configuration file ?!

    best regards
  4. Cyber-DL

    Cyber-DL Active Member

    anybody can't help me ?! r u there ? !

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