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Discussion in 'Feedback/Feature Requests' started by TomL, May 14, 2007.

  1. TomL

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    Hello, I've been trying out litespeed web server in the last few days and I have to say it's really wonderful.
    I'm most impressed with all the options to fine-tune it and the ease to do so!

    However I heard that your product can't be used with adult content.
    Looking at the EULA that shows up when downloading the trial version, however, there isn't any reference about that matter.

    So I'd like to know what is the current situation about the issue before making a final decision about the purchase.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    -Tom L.
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  3. nickf

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    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread; however:

    I have been testing the free version of LSWS and I am very impressed.
    So much so that my company are considering a purchase of what may be around 6 4-core licenses to cover our entire infrastructure.

    However, I am very, very concerned with the information in the EULA about the 'pornographic' material being disallowed.

    While we do not host anything considered 'pornographic', I find it quite remarkable how you can attempt to enforce your views onto users of the product. My worry is that some time in the future when we are locked into your product, the EULA will change, and you may consider anything we host to be unacceptable to your questionable morals, and we will have lost time and money developing our infrastructure around LSWS.

    My questions are:
    Why do you feel you can do this?
    How do you enforce this condition?
    If you find someone in 'violation', what happens? Can the license be revoked automatically? (Which implies the question - does LSWS need to make calls to your licensing system I may need to accommodate in our firewalls?)

    Finally, and I think most importantly - what do you define as 'pornographic'? Who do you think you are to decide what is and isn't pornographic, and/or illegal - especially as laws covering legal material and pornography are different across the world.

    I await your response.

  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    If you are not in porn site hosting business, you should not worry about it.

    Only hard-core porn site is not allowed, no matter it is legal or illegal. We certain don't want them to be able to cut any cost related to hosting by using our product.

    If you we found any one violate this, we will contact the customer to remove the site off the server powered by LSWS. If the site is not removed, we will revoke the license.

    LSWS will validate and update the license against our upcoming license management system as we will offer monthly subscription.

    For most people, this should not be a problem at all.

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