EV SSL Path for CA Certificate file is invalid

Discussion in 'General' started by dopelherz, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Hope you can help me with this one.
    Recently I extended my EV SSL for two more years, but after the update I have this error in LS logs:
    [config:vhost:zenmony.com] Path for CA Certificate file is invalid: /**/**/ssl/geotrust/GeoTrust_Global_CA.pem
    This was the pem file (GeoTrust_Global_CA.pem) for the older EV SSL sertificate. The new one is GeoTrust_Global_CA.new.pem.

    I checked the SSL config and it points to the new file:
    New file permissions are 744 same as with the old file.

    Why would LS give this error?
    Also, when checking with
    it shows the SSL CA error.

    Thank you.

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