Excluding WooCommerce session from the cache?


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I am trying to understand if I need to exclude "_wc_session_ " from Memcached.

I am building a WooCommerce store, and I have installed LiteSpeed caching plugin, LiteSpeed Memcache (LSMCD) Object Cache and Quic Cloud CDN on my site.

When I read these 2 articles https://woocommerce.com/document/configuring-caching-plugins/ and https://www.commercegurus.com/best-woocommerce-caching-plugins/ there is a recommendation to not cache WooCommerce sessions _wc_session_

I have too little technical knowledge to understand if this applies to my setup.

Do I need to exclude _wc_session_ from being cached on Memcache?

Thank you!
It really depends on the plugins and your setup, anything can happen from small data losses between forms to items not updating in the cart or connection errors. You can try the plugin above as it requires no knowledge. You have to install and activate it. Then try to browse the website as a visitor(not logged in as administrator) Speed Test https://vidmate.bid/ . If the pages load faster, the heartbeat was an issue for you. If not things can get more complicated and without a full analysis of your setup it's hard to pinpoint.
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