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  1. bogus

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    Sorry if I post in the wrong forum...

    It looks like LSWS does not provide the same environment variables to the FastCGI process when it is considered as a script handler or when it is considered as a context handler.

    In particular : SCRIPT_FILENAME seems to be available only to script handlers whereas PATH_TRANSLATED seems to be available only to context handlers... In both case the FastCGI is a RESPONDER.

    So I'm a bit confused here, because I'm trying to make php work as a context handler (to have a remote PHP process without duplicating the doc_tree in both places). But PHP seems to rely on SCRIPT_FILENAME only. So it does not work.

    Is LSWS behavior the standard, or is PHP wrong ? Or I'm missing something (as usual :cry: )

    Thank you.
  2. bogus

    bogus Active Member

    Well, I've found part of the answer myself (PHP side) : configuring PHP with --disable-discard-path let PHP use PATH_TRANSLATED when SCRIPT_FILENAME is not available.
  3. mistwang

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    The behavior of LSWS you observed is correct and as designed. We are not sure it is standard or not, I think it make sense this way. As a context handler, web server does not know exactly the URL points to a script file or not, so only PATH_TRANSLATED is set.
    Glad you found the solution already.

    Best Regards.

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