FreeBSD 6.3 litespeed crash constantly

Discussion in 'General' started by west-domains, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. west-domains

    west-domains Member

    we use FreeBSD 6.3 and we buy an Enterprise Lic. we install it but we have lot of problems now.

    First one of oursites is attacked with http get flood and create lot of php request .. the load average looks fine but from the nothing in 5 or 10 minutes all the sites stop responding.... we watch the dmesg and we saw a lshttpd process stop working with signal 11, from 5 process lshttpd now only 4 are running but all the sites are down..

    we must restart all the the time the lshttpd service with the lswsctrl all the time.

    we use Cpanel 11 here .. have you any fix?
    is a problem with the configuration of lshttp ?
    is a problem with freebsd and litespeed?
    the ddos attack is killing the lshttpd proccess with signal 11?

    please we need some help here

  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Anything in /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log ?
    LSWS should start a new child process immediately when one child process crashed.
  3. west-domains

    west-domains Member

    here is what appears in stderr

    2009-11-29 10:58:48.958 [STDERR] /tmp/lshttpd/core*: No such file or directory.
    2009-11-29 10:58:48.958 [STDERR] /usr/local/lsws//admin/misc/gdb-bt:1: Error in sourced command file:
    No stack.
    2009-11-29 10:58:48.966 [STDERR] No $home variable set.
    2009-11-29 10:58:48.967 [STDERR] "~/.mailrc": No match.
    2009-11-29 10:58:48.987 [STDERR] mv: rename /tmp/lshttpd/core* to /tmp/lshttpd/bak_core/core*: No such file or directory

    and yes is restarting all the time ( killing me with emails of web server restarted )
    pid 36311 (lshttpd.4.0.11), uid 65534: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)
    pid 41056 (lshttpd.4.0.11), uid 1309: exited on signal 11

    here is the system...

    [root@NOC1-Gige02:~] uname -a
    FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p2 #1: Sun Jun 8 05:25:31 UTC 2008

    i must put a cron to restart every 5 minutes to restart the webserver using lswsctrl

    and other thing...

    i cant compile php correctly

    i try to match with the conf of apache and compilling using web console and still getting the same error

    checking for the location of libjpeg... /usr/local/lib
    checking for the location of libpng... /usr/local/lib
    checking for the location of libXpm... no
    checking for FreeType 1.x support... no
    checking for FreeType 2... no
    checking for T1lib support... no
    checking whether to enable truetype string function in GD... no
    checking whether to enable JIS-mapped Japanese font support in GD... no
    checking for fabsf... no
    checking for floorf... no
    checking for jpeg_read_header in -ljpeg... no
    configure: error: Problem with libjpeg.(a|so). Please check config.log for more information.

    but the path is ok

    [root@NOC1-Gige02:~] pkg_info -L jpeg-7
    Information for jpeg-7:

  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    is freebsd core dump enabled?

    If enabled, can you please locate the core file, check the core file with GDB.

    For compile PHP with GD, maybe there are multiple GD Lib installed, maybe the wrong one was used. Likely cPanel installed its own Lib, like with libcurl.
    You can check the config.log under /home/easyapache/ls.src/php.../ directory.
  5. west-domains

    west-domains Member

    the core dump is enabled...

    respect the curl i fix it using another libcurl path as you say.

    i use /usr/local/lib/ instead /opt/curlssl

    and the compilation works fine.

    respect the crash..

    i say the .core of the lishttpd but i dont know how to start with that .core .have a lot of garbage..
  6. west-domains

    west-domains Member

    sorry .. wrong typing

    i saw the core file. but have lot of garbage. the name is diferent than the stder says.. and dont start with the name core..

    2009-11-29 19:04:39.365 [STDERR] mv: rename /tmp/lshttpd/core* to /tmp/lshttpd/bak_core/core*: No such file or directory
    2009-11-29 19:06:04.224 [STDERR] No $home variable set.
    2009-11-29 19:09:03.214 [STDERR] No $home variable set.
    2009-11-29 19:09:03.214 [STDERR] "~/.mailrc": No match.
    [root@:/tmp/lshttpd] ls lshttpd.4.0.11.core
  7. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    I will PM you instruction on how to retrieve call stack information from core file.
  8. west-domains

    west-domains Member

    i send you the call stack bud :) thanks for you help

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