Good Job.

Not too bad so far, have input on a few things...

Install script. After the EULA is displayed the "Yes" is case sensitive. May be good for the script to strip out the case so it will accept a "yES" "YES" etc. Have not seen a case sensitive input in a long time.
mmm... tr "[A-Z]" "[a-z]" looks like it will do it nicely.

"Creative" spelling in the install script:


Finally, did not see any way to change the default ports the webserver will run on from the web interface (I.E. changing the default 8088 to 80, or the admin interface from 7080 to something else).
Is there a way to change the ports with reinstalling the software altogether? (getting a dread feeling i'm just not clicking on the right things).

And a freebie... any thoughts given to creating a "watchdog" process which would notice the server not running and restarting it if it fails? May be handy if the webserver dies for any reason it can restart itself automagically.
Happens to be on my mind as I'm currently writing one for popfile right now. A simple while() loop and log file to report the restarts.

That's all I have so far. Nice program!
(Hoping vainly there's no misspellings... :oops: )


LiteSpeed Staff
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Thanks for your feedback and taking time pointing out all typos. :oops:

We intentionally make it case sensitive and mix the upper and lower case, try to make sure that user will actually read EULA and agree to it. We'll think about whether this is necessary. For other input in the installer, they are all case insensitive.

It's very easy to change the port from web admin, click the name of the listener on the left, it will show the listener port and other info. click "edit" to change the port. then go to service manager (click "apply change"), click "reload".

"Watchdog" function is in place since V1.0. It can be turned on/off from configuration: Server->General->Server Process - Auto Restart. By default it is enabled. If you specify the administrator's Email, an email will be sent out in case of crash. If a core file is created and "gdb" debugger is installed, calling stack back trace will be included in the email as well. The event is always logged in server log.

I'll update all misspellings ASAP.