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Discussion in 'Feedback/Feature Requests' started by Xorlev, Nov 12, 2005.

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    I just wanted to express my gratitude and awe that I hold for this web server. While I don't use it on a production setting (yet), I use a Standard Edition server for my Research & Development needs, and I must say, it is far better than any I have ever used. I certainly am glad I was curious and clicked on the "Powered By" link on FanFiction.Net, a place I frequent.

    The simplicity of its setup, and ease of use caused me to gape, as I've been used to editing Apache configurations for quite some time. Your web server is lightweight, and far more mobile (in the sense of quick changes) than any that I've used. 3mb for a server of this quality? Amazing. Yet another amazing feat is that you release a Standard Edition that's free.

    This server has increased both my productivity, and ambition for large scale projects, as I know that with a server of this calibre, I'd be able to pull it off, unlike with Apache where I'd spend hours if not days optimizing. Thus, I must say, thank you for such a wonderful project, and when I need it, I'll definitely be buying a Professional license.

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