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Discussion in 'General' started by saamxvr, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    Hi i have VPS , 512 ram , i already use cpanel/whm on it , case is im host only 3 site useing with wordpress , euch site havie 800 hit per day, but problem is geting err when im post on my site's (outof memory) one of my friend tel about LiteSpeed & he said LiteSpeed will stop this err as soon as possible:rolleyes: .

    plz any one have Gide me how i install LiteSpeed on cpanel step by step ? im newbe for VPS:)

    sorry for my poor English .
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

  3. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    if this upgrade have any data lost ?
  4. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    also can i install LiteSpeed Web Server Standard Edition with this totorial ?
  5. cmanns

    cmanns Well-Known Member

    You can't use the standard edition on Cpanel.

    If your site is crashing the server at 1,000 hits a day then you need to hire a system admin.

    My apache systems would push 5million + hits a day, it wasn't until PHP/httpd proc's just randomly ate too much mem randomly and too much back logged php procs that it killed httpd for a min or two randomly during peak traffic (4 hour span) this was not acceptable so we migrated to LiteSpeed for all our systems.

    I'd still suggest litespeed, get the VPS license but if you still lack the knowledge of tuning, a VPS untuned is worse then Godaddy shared hosting :p
  6. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    he he he ,,,,,,, cmanns do you have any idea for woredpress memory case ? im use 2 PHP boot plugin , also wordpress super cach plugin , but still same prob , this happen when im post on my site not for traffic , normal time my memory use only 24% , but post time so high ;-((
  7. GaryT

    GaryT Active Member

    Sounds like WHM has memory set to low :D

    WHM > Service configuration > PHP Configuration Editor >

    memory_limit > Make this HIGHER. Then restart litespeed :)

    Then try what ever you was doing before it thrown out an error.
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  8. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    no friend it's Chang 32M to 64M

  9. GaryT

    GaryT Active Member

    Out of memory can only be caused by that - ! I had clients on me saying it when they tried to install an IPB board, I was on 96 and IPB requires 128 ! So I had to switch which fixed things.

    But it could be several problems !

    what is your output of "top"
  10. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    yes i can understand you , but my problem is when im post on my site full VPS memory will over 100% that time im server give internet server err MSG , i Guss this came from Apache or wordpress script .

  11. GaryT

    GaryT Active Member

    Thats very strange !

    Can you pm me the link so I can try post - I will see what the the error is and what memory its trying to allocated.
  12. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    i cant PM you friend still im new this forum . if you can add this id skype or yahoo SAAMXVR
  13. GaryT

    GaryT Active Member

    I only use MSN - Mainly for clients.

    Ill send you a PM now :)
  14. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    i cant reply friend . i dont have MSN :-(
  15. saamxvr

    saamxvr Member

    tomorow i plane to upgrat VPS brcoz of this err

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