Help: Installing Memcached, OpenLiteSpeed on Ubuntu18.4 for Wordpress

I am really noob in server management. I need help for installing latest version of Memcached, MariaDB, OpenLiteSpeed including PHP7.2 for WP.
Last time I have installed MariaDB, OpenLiteSpeed including PHP7.2 on Ubuntu18.04, then I tried to installed LSMCD but Failed. I am not getting any exact resources for my needs.

So I need help, where to start first? Install Memcached as general process that install OpenLiteSpeed, MarinDB, PHP7.2 and WP? or I need to install OpenLiteSpeed then Memcached-> MarinDB, PHP7.2 and WP?

Please provide me the details instructions and the Commands.



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I recommend you try one-click install script to install openlitespeed, mariadb, phps,

You should also install php-memcached module and LSMCD( memcached replacement)

If you runinto any problem installing LSMCD, please let us know what's the issue?(better separate ticket).
Did you follow this wiki?

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