High I/O usage on Litespeed Sites

Hi. I have a shared hosting that has 5 WordPress websites, and they are using Litespeed cache WordPress plugin. But due to high I/O usage, I am getting fault errors on my websites. The max I/O speed is 1024 KB/s (I don't know if this is a good speed limit, let me know please). I contacted my hosting's support and they said the reason for these errors is Litespeed cache. I want to know how can I solve this issue. Thanks.



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I want to know how can I solve this issue.
You should think about to upgrade your hosting. The "throughput" of 1024 KB/s is not much, but too much for your small hosting. Such small limit is just enough to run 1, but not 5 Wordpress installation.

In addition, your hosting provider is wrong. This "high" I/O is not caused by the cache. It is caused by the page optimizations and can also be caused by purging the cache too often, if the crawler is used too much. But too much doesn't mean that something would be wrong with cache plugin. It means that your hosting isn't strong enough.