How does Litespeed WEB ADC work?

Hello, sorry you're putting this question here but I really have not found any material that could guide me in this regard.
From what I read Litespeed WEB Adc is a load-balance, this is something very cool, but what interests me in this is not the divided use of resources but the high availability.

My question is this ... I would like the Litespeed WEB ADC to automatically share the Litespeed (LSCache) cache between two my servers. This would increase the availability because if something goes wrong I would be warned immediately and have some time (cache expiration time) to take action.

But currently I have a cPanel server with Litespeed + LSCache installed. I would have to hire another vps, okay this is obvious, but would I need to buy another cPanel license or another LSCache license? What hardware requirements does the Litespeed WEB ADC need to function? From what I understand about LSCache, the ideal thing is that it has a good amount of RAM and it is fast, is it?

PS: If you have any further suggestions on how to implement this, even if it is not for Litespeed please let me know.


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We are not in the position to provide hardware recommendation, but our software can handle heavy traffic. For example, benchmarks run on 1 core server and 2G RAM, Using the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress with LSWS easily handled close to 5,200 requests per second.. You can adjust to fit your situation.

WEB ADC high availability means you have at least two ADCs. one goes down, the other one takes effect.

You hard disk SSD is a must. Ram won't help if served from cache but it helps no-cache requests.
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